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Crafting your website is more than just creating an online business card. We build your website to help grow your business!

Let's Talk About Your Website

Are you Getting the Most from your Website?

Many startup businesses only use their website like a business card so that customers can contact them. Your website also lists products and services and links to other social media that helps build your brand awareness. But if that’s all you’re doing, you are missing out on what your website can do for you. 

Your website should be a business card and a place for potential customers to view your products and services, but a properly built website along with Social Media Marketing will act as a foundation for marketing and growing your business. In order to do this, your website should be responsive (mobile friendly), Be simple and easy to use, have great content, and have clear “calls to action”. 

Let's Take a Look at Some Facts:

Below are just a few facts that relate to how your customer or potential customer is interacting with your website. Do you have a strategy in place for them?

  • Did you know that 76% of users on the internet search for a product or service using a mobile device, and then contact a business that same week based on those search results
  •  If a mobile website doesn’t load in 3 sec, 40% of users will abandon that website and try another one
  • Little more than half of all visitors to your website will simply hit the back button and leave your website if they are unable to find your contact information.  
  •  More than 68% of users read a company’s blog before they interact with the company in any other way.
  • Potential customers will allow 10 seconds for your website to explain what the website is about and give a positive impression.
  • More than 70% of customer/business reviews are trusted by shoppers 

How your Website Should Function

Your website should be simple and easy to navigate with quality SEO content throughout the site. It should be be mobile friendly and load fast and have easy call to actions so your potential customers can contact you or make a purchase. And your website should have easy transitions to your social media, and share options. 

In order to make this happen, we design websites that react accordingly and we create websites so that it is optimized with Google to get the best search results possible. 

Let's Talk About Google

Google is the Most Popular Search Engine Today

Of all the search engines out there, Google monopolizes the internet with 94% of all web search traffic. Because of this and their unique search algorithm it’s important that we as web developers make websites that work well with Google. 

First, we will make a website that is tailored to your style and your company’s brand. We will create all the pages and do all the coding, making a great user experience. But once that is done, it’s time to optimize your website. And that means optimizing your website for Google. 

How Google Ranks Pages

In July 2018, Google added a major change to their algorithm in regards to how fast your website will load. For example, if you have two identical websites and one is optimized to load faster, the faster page will be ranked higher in the search results. This was a game changer for web development and marketing  companies, because not only do websites have to meet form and function standards, they also need to load quickly and work flawlessly with social media platforms. 

Included in the Google algorithm are other requirements that are many and  honestly very technical. So when we develop a website for you, we do so with all Google compatibility in mind as well as having a great looking site with simple form and function. 

Let's Build your Website Today!

Like everyone, if you are marketing on the web you probably already have a website. But maybe it’s not doing the job of growing your business. Depending on your business needs, we can develop a website and content marketing strategy that ranks higher and grows your business. 

To do that, we mostly build on WordPress because it’s used by over 42% of all websites on the internet in 2022. And there’s a reason for this. Its easy for anyone to update their website on a as needed basis. It also makes it easy for marketing professionals to market their content without having to then have someone code the HTML into the website. 

We build your website with your brand in mind, and we also make a point to include you in the process. In addition to being responsive and easy to navigate, and Google friendly, we want you to be happy with the results.

Would you like to know more?

Not sure which internet marketing solution is right for you? Let’s talk and figure it out together, we have the marketing solution that will help your business grow!