Leadership Development

Help build a team that leads

If you are not the Lead Dog, the view never changes. ~William R. McKenzie, Jr.

Leadership Development & Training

What does your leadership strategy look like? How do you lead? How do you develop your team? Weldon Marketing Solutions can help you streamline your leadership team, create a leadership development plan, and help train your leaders to be all that they can be.

Your business is only as great as your leadership. If you need personal training or you need someone to help train your leadership team, we can help. Call today and we can begin looking at your leadership team, where they shine and where they need to improve. 

Sales Training & Development

You have a great product. Your services are unmatched by your competitors. Your passion has become a revenue generating business. Now you need help. You need to have someone on your team that can continue to sell your products or services as powerfully as you are passionate.

Our team can help you with sales training and sales team development. We can teach you team how to reach out and how to close the deal. Call us today and we can discuss your best sales training and development strategy.

Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional intelligence is the art of listening and learning about the person sitting across the table from you. In order to reach anyone, you need to be able to talk to them and influence their decisions. This is a learned art that we can help your sales team develop.

Call Weldon Marketing Solutions today and together we can discuss how to improve your sales team through Emotional Intelligence Training and Development.

How to Get to "YES!"

A powerful sales person is a master of negotiation. The only way to get to that all-important “yes!” is to learn the art of negotiation. Train your sales team to learn how to close a deal where your customer walks away feeling like they have not only gotten a great deal, but they have found your products or services and that is the biggest win.

Call Weldon Marketing Solutions and learn how to get to “YES!”

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